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COWEC – Conference of the Wind Power Engineering Community with Exhibition 18-19 June, 2016.

In just a few decades wind energy has been developed tremendously, making wind power one of the fastest growing sources of energy in the world today. Due to technological advancements, policy initiatives and economic drivers, wind energy nowadays is able to make a cost-competitive contribution to our growing energy needs. And improvements are still going on – serious sums are invested in the development of wind power technologies which will push wind turbines into a new phase of optimization and enhance their reliability – driving down the cost of wind power as a result.

COWEC covers all aspects of the wind power industry and will present the whole range of technical developments on the part of manufacturers and suppliers as well as scientific and research aspects. For more information visit our website:

COWEC is an international annual conference and exhibition which covers all aspects of wind power engineering and presents the entire range of technical developments currently

offered by manufacturers and suppliers.



COWEC topics are:


Drive Train Engineering


Foundations-Supporting Structures, Connection Technology


Damage Analysis


Electrical Components

Grid Connection

Energy Storage

Volume Production & Logistics

Weather Forecasting Models

Project Developments

Plant Management

Legal Aspects


For more information and contact details check our website:


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